Sunday, November 1, 2009

30 weeks down - 10 more to go!

I've been a bad blogger, but to be honest, nothing has really happened in our lives to post about. Since I'm entering the (long) home-stretch of this pregnancy I thought I'd post an update.

Yesterday I hit the 30 week mark -- with 10 more weeks to go! Even though 10 weeks is technically a long time, I feel like it'll be here before we know it. And to think that Brody could come early makes it even scarier. All these people at work say they're convinced I'll have him early, but I'm leaning towards going past my due date. Not sure why I feel that way, but we'll see!

I feel like I'm running out of room for this boy to grow! Every day things have gotten increasingly difficult. I get winded when I bend over in my attempt to put on socks or tie my shoes, I toss and turn several times in an effort to get comfortable in bed (sorry Keith!) and by the end of the day I feel like there's a 15lb bowling ball in my stomach. I've also developed carpal tunnel in both of my wrists. My doctor said it will more than likely go away 4-6 weeks after I deliver. Let's keep our fingers crossed! It's extremely painful to pick up objects while turning my wrist (like doing the dishes) or even to put weight on my wrists. I've been wearing splints at night and it helps, but the pain is still a constant thing.

On a more exciting note, my shower is this coming weekend! My wonderful mother-in-law and sister-in-law are hosting it with a little help from my mom. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone from both sides of the family...and I won't lie, I'm excited to oooh and ahhh over baby things :)

We've done a little work on the nursery, but not a whole lot. We put the rest of the bedding on the crib and assembled our changing table.

I'll be getting a glider rocker/ottoman for my birthday this month and then we can buy a small end table for next to it. I'm still looking for the perfect window coverings; I can't decide if I want to shell out $17 per valance for the ones that match the bedding or if I just want to find light sage green valances somewhere. After my showers (I also have a work shower a week after my family shower) and we know what we have, I'll be shopping for the rest of the nursery decor. I found these on Etsy and am in love with them!

Overall I've enjoyed this pregnancy. We've truly been blessed with the gift of Brody and I'm trying to enjoy every minute of it. Aches and pains aside, Brody has been very very active lately and I'm loving it. It's so much fun to sit and watch my stomch move like there's an alien in there. We have a BebeSounds Heart Listener and Keith has enjoyed listening to Brody move around. We don't have much luck finding the heartbeat (the Listener isn't the greatest) but it's fun hearing him kick and punch at the dopplar on my belly. Keith also likes to blow "raspberries" on my stomach to get Brody to push out back at him...and he sure does! It's not the most comfortable feeling, but Keith gets such a kick out of feeling Brody's butt or foot (who knows what it is!) that I just put up with it :)

We're in the homestretch and we can't wait to meet our son!