Friday, September 24, 2010

Smaller Jeans.

Here's my moment of confession. I was overweight when I got pregnant. Then I gained 53lbs during my pregnancy. I lost 36lbs within the first few months, but I was stuck at a number. Then I lost 11 more pounds and was stuck at THAT number for quite some time. I just started doing Weight Watchers (yes, again) and I'm proud to say that I've lost 18lbs in the last 7-8 weeks!

So, if you don't feel like doing the math, that's all 53lbs of baby weight = GONE, plus another 12lbs! Granted, I have a ways to go, but it feels SO incredibly good to see the scale consistently going down, having the baby weight gone, and finally being able to buy clothes in smaller sizes, instead of slowing going up in sizes!

I had two people in my office today tell me that I look like I'm losing weight. Yayyy for people noticing! Here I come size 8's!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

8 Months Old...already?!

Ok, so he's closer to being 8.5 months old, but I'm a little behind the times! My little monkey-butt is going to be 9 months old in two weeks. I know people say it all the time, but seriously, where is the time going?!

Brody is on the move from the minute he wakes up until the time he goes to bed at night. He's crawling all over the place and that kid can move! He pulls himself up into the standing position on anything he can get his sticky little fingers on, including our pant legs. If I'm standing next to Brody, he'll pull himself up using my pants, and then he'll look up at me going "Ba ba ba ba baaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" It's way too cute. He LOVES to cruise along our couches too. The way our living room is set up, he can cruise from the end table, along one couch, across the baby gate we have in between the couches, then down the loveseat to the window. He'll peer outside for a little bit and then he'll cruise back to the other side and repeat the whole process. He's finally started to really babble and it's adorable. Last night, as he was doing his cruising around the living room he was saying "Da da dadadadaaaaaaaa ya ya ya yayayayaaaaaaa ba ba ba babababaaaaaaa". Then he'd stop to blow some raspberries, click his tongue and give me a big ole smile. Speaking of smiles, Brody now has 4 teeth! He has three on the bottom and one of his top front teeth made its appearance. I really need to get a picture of his crooked little smile before his other bottom tooth and top tooth come in. I can see both of them, so I know it's only a matter of time before he has 6 toofers in there.

Brody loves to play with anything that he can use to make noise. He'll grab a hard plastic toy, carry it in his little hand while crawling over to something he can bang it on. The floor vent, his Fisher Price table, the end table...anything. He gets the biggest grin on his face like he's so proud of himself for making noise. He's into everything...nothing is safe anymore! I can't even cuddle with him on the couch with him trying to crawl over me to reach for the remote or a pop can on the end table. He loves to crumple paper or magazines, and especially enjoys using an empty water bottle to squeeze and make noise with or just to chew on.

We're still giving Brody baby-food purees three times a day and he's drinking about 25oz of formula as well. I weighed our little man the other day and he's not so little! He's already a whopping 24lbs! He doesn't have the rolls like a lot of other babies do, he's just a solid little guy. He's easily wearing 12 month clothing! We're still working on table food...he's not really a fan. He'll feed himself his puffs and pieces of toast like they're going out of style, but he's still trying to figure out the texture of pasta or cooked veggies. I only really give him table food at dinner because I just don't know what to send with him to daycare. He does get puffs during the day, but I'd like for him to be able to experiment with more normal foods.

His sleeping patterns are still great. He's finally stopped waking up once in the middle of the night! Granted, it wasn't bad, he'd just wake up and stand in his crib, "talking" until I came back into lay him down and give him his binkie. Now we put him down for bed around 7:30-8:00 and he'll sleep all night until about 7am when I wake him up to be fed and dressed for daycare.

The highlight of my day is still when I pick up B from daycare. As soon as he hears my voice he gets the biggest smile on his face and will start making a mad dash for fast as his little legs will let him crawl. He'll reach for me and I swear he gives me a hug :) Seeing that almost makes going to work every day worth it. I'd still rather spend my days with him, but momma's gotta make the money!

It's so crazy to think I need to start thinking about planning his 1st birthday party!