Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Brody loves the tastes of summer!

Brody had his first experience with "real" food last week and he LOVED it. He completely devoured the two chunks of watermelon I gave him, and he ate a good portion of the banana. I chose to give him large pieces that he could "gum" rather than small teeny-tiny pieces. His dexterity isn't the best yet and this seemed to work for him. The watermelon practically melted in his mouth and he wasn't able to bite off any large pieces of the banana, much to our relief. We gave him macaroni & cheese (cut up) the following night but he wasn't a fan. I didn't get any pictures, but the pieces kept sticking to his hands; he'd look at his hands then look at me like, "Ok, so how do I get those into my mouth?!" Too cute!

"Hey....what's this stuff?! It looks fun...."

I tried giving some some yogurt melts, but they just stuck everywhere!

(He was NOT a fan of the teething biscuits)

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