Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Girlie Cruise Day 3: At Sea

I was very much looking forward to a relaxing day at sea. I knew this trip would be exhausting and boy was I right. I only wish we had another day at sea after all our adventures to relax!

Momma B and I met up with Aunt Lynn and Leslie and headed to the breakfast buffet. It was PACKED! I guess that's to be expected on a ship that holds 2,000 people and every single person is still on the ship. When we walked into the buffet we were greeted by a very enthusiastic cruise ship employee of Asian ethnicity who was welcoming everyone..."Good MORNING...HAPPY HAPPY!!!.....Good MORNING...HAPPY HAPPY!!!" It kind of caught us by surprise, but by the end of the cruise it was a running joke among everyone. Even during the farewell show the cruise director brought in a "very special guest" and it was this guy. The audience went wild, ha! He kind of reminded me of that weird Asian guy in the 16 Candles movie...

After breakfast we decided to lounge around the pool for a bit. It wasn't until we were on the pool deck that we discovered it was windy...and not just a little breezy. I'm talking like gale-force winds that blow your hair so hard on your face it stings. It was fun trying to sit down on the deck chairs before they folded back up on us. Reading a book was nearly impossible, so I just tried to take a little nap. I was almost asleep when some girls wanted to sit next to us. They were probably 17-19 and fairly annoying. One girl was putting on sunscreen and said to her friend, "You really should put some on too. Do you want to be all wrinkly and saggy when you're like 50?!" Umm...ok. I guess skin cancer isn't a concern of hers, just being wrinkly. Then she went on to discuss all of the things she was going to do to prevent getting old. I wanted to throw my book at her.

After we were done lounging by the pool, we went back to our rooms to get ready for dinner. We were cruising on Norwegian Cruise Lines, which is "freestyle" cruising -- meaning we didn't have a formal night or anything like that. However, we decided to dress up a little more on this night to try out the fancier dining room on the ship. It was gorgeous -- fancy linens, china and an entire row of windows along the back of the ship. What an awesome view! After dinner we had time time to kill before the show (singing/dancing) so we stopped by the casino for a little bit (lost some money on the slots), browsed through the gallery shops and enjoyed some frozen fruity drinks at a martini bar!

I still think she should've bought that mask!

After the show it was 11pm so we hit the hay -- we had to be up and off the ship by 8am the next day. I thought vacations meant I got to sleep until 10am?!

Up next: Day 4 -- Valletta, Malta

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