Friday, September 4, 2009

Progress on Brody's nursery

We have the beginnings of a nursery! Ever since we moved into our house, this room hasn't had a purpose. It was a "guest room" for a while, but considering the bed was never really set up, I don't think that counts. It mostly just housed the furniture from my first apartment, and some miscellaneous boxes left over from the move.

Here are some before and "in-progress" pictures. We ripped out the carpeting, painted the walls and replaced the carpeting. It still has some tools in the room because Keith is working on laying the carpet in the closet. The crib has been ordered and should be here soon! We're still in the process of finding the perfect dresser and glider rocker. Oh, and I should mention the nursery is having a jungle theme!

The room "before" with the carpeting already ripped out

The "In Progress" pictures with the carpet and new paint colors

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  1. I love the jungle theme and can't wait to see the finished room.