Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brody discovers rice cereal

These pictures were taken during our 3rd attempt at rice cereal. It's pretty clear that it was a traumatic experience for him. I blame Keith, ha! :) He was getting Brody so distracted and not staying focused on actually feeding him. Either way, it made for some awesome pictures. We've moved onto veggies and are having much more luck!

"Oh, ok, I guess it's not THAT bad...."

This face says "Enough already mom!"

Taking a break to chew on their fists...see what I mean about Keith getting Brody distracted?!
Keith having a "serious" discussion with Brody about the importance of eating rice cereal
That's the face of a dog who just licked the spoon and container clean when it fell onto the ground


  1. Too funny. But really, have you tried the rice cereal? I can't imagine it is very tasty! Better luck with veggies!

  2. I love all the new pictures :) Can you believe our babies are eating cereal and starting with solids?! Where did the itty bitty babies go?! They are growing much too fast...