Sunday, October 10, 2010

9 Months Old! (2 weeks late....again)

For some reason, I'm always 2 weeks late when it comes to posting Brody's monthly updates. I can't believe he's 3/4 of a year old already. He's turning into such a little man with a personality to boot, and I love it! I never, ever knew parenthood could be so rewarding this early on.

I don't have any "stats" updates since B's 9 month appointment isn't until later this week. I know he's over 20lbs, since I weighed him on our scale a few weeks ago. I weighed myself (ugh) then held Brody and got back on the scale. It said he was 21.6lbs, so we'll see how true that stands! He's wearing 12-18 month shirts and 12 month bottoms. He's a solid little guy!

Brody began crawling at about 7 months and shortly started "cruising". He's still cruising all over the place and he hates sitting down. If he can pull himself up onto something, he's doing it...whether it's sturdy or not! This has led to a few bumps and bruises, but it's bound to happen. He's only stood by himself a few times, and it was only for a second or two. I have no doubt that onces he gets his balance and learns how to stand, he'll be walking in no time! However, I'm going to enjoy every day until then! :) Brody is constantly on the move, whether it's crawling or crusing. He's always trying to go somewhere!

He's gotten very verbal over the past week or so. He's still saying ma-ma-ma-ma, da-da-da-da-da, ya-ya-ya-ya and so on. But I swear I've heard him say "dog" and "no". It's quite possible I'm imagining things, but I swear I could've heard that! He likes to scream/squeal as loud as he can out of nowhere too. It can be pretty embarassing if we're out and about, but hey, he's just using that voice he's learning he has! He gets SO excited when we clap and cheer for him, but he's not really clapping on his own yet. We've almost got the waving thing down too! We work on it every day when I drop him off at daycare :)

I don't know if I've mentioned it before or not, but Brody LOVES the TV show Little Einsteins. He can be throwing a mini temper-tantrum and as soon as he hears the theme song, he stops and turns towards the TV. It's so cute :) And, it gives momma a few minutes of relief!

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  1. He's adorable, Amanda!!! I can't wait until I have my own! :-)