Sunday, January 25, 2009

I won't go to jail, will I?

So, it just struck me that I'm not really "citing" the WW recipes that I'm making. However, they've all come from the WW Website, which I'm a paying member of, and the recipe section is a "members only" area.

Also, a lot of them are also in my WW cookbooks. So -- I don't know the correct way to give credit to WW for the recipes. Can I count this as my disclaimer post?!


  1. Lol! No, you won't go to jail. Link back if you can. WW members will be able to see the recipes. For the cookbook, just say "Recipe from 'name of' WW cookbook".

    I'll bail you out if for some unseen reason you do get hauled off :)

  2. Sweeeeeet! I knew I could count on you Megan :)