Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our Weekly Menu

I'm trying to be better about planning our meals for the week so we can save $ on groceries and food won't go to waste. I'm sticking to my January New Year's Resolution of not buying any more food at work and always bringing my lunch, so cooking dinner leaves me a nice option of taking leftovers for lunch.

I just started doing Weight Watchers again and I knew if I cooked WW recipes for dinner and didn't tell Keith, he'd eat them with no complaints. I tell him after the fact that it was a WW recipe :)

I'll try to post about my cooking adventures and maybe even a picture or two, but for now, here's dinner for M-F. I still have to figure out the weekend.

All of these recipes can be found at

Monday - Chicken & broccoli casserole w/ brown rice

Tuesday - Bacon & Egg Hashbrown Stacks

Wednesday - BBQ Turkey Joes

Thursday - Fish & Chips

Friday - Potato Wrapped Salmon

I haven't figured out any side dishes, nor have I even gone shopping for these recipes, so the menu is subject to change.

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