Thursday, January 22, 2009

Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?

Cooper did!

Or rather, he stole the brand new package of Chips Deluxe Rainbow Chip cookies I bought from our company store for Keith. Stole them right off the kitchen table!

This was my phone conversation with the vet this morning:

Me -- "My dog ate an entire package of chocolate chip cookies last night"

Vet -- "Was there chocolate in them?"

Me -- :::Rolling my eyes::: "Yes...they were chocolate chip cookies"

Vet -- "Does he seem to be acting lethargic or having any unusual bowel movements?"

Me -- "No, he seems fine"

Vet -- "Ok, just keep an eye on him and if his condition changes any, give me a call"

Me -- "I'll be gone 9 hours at work today, I won't really know if anything changes"

Vet -- "Well, those cookies don't have that much chocolate, I'm sure he'll be fine"

I wanted to bang my head against the wall after that conversation. I'm just glad I was talking to the new vet at the office, and not our regular one. Otherwise I'd be searching high and low for a new vet!

I'm not worried about the chocolate; after all, my parents dog consumed an entire bag of Hersey kisses (tin foil and all) and he's still going strong!. What worries me is the fact Cooper at over 4,000 calories last night!


  1. Cooper's got goo taste. Rainbow chips are my favorite! :)

  2. My dad's dog ate a whole box of chocolate covered cherries once. Got them from the top of their entertainment center while they were out to dinner. He is still kicking and never got sick from it.

    Hopefully Cooper will fare well. Sounds like a tough pooch!