Friday, January 16, 2009

Meet our furbabies

Most proud parents talk all the time about their children -- well, I talk all the time about my babies too -- the furry kind. So, it's only fitting I introduce them to the internet. After all, what kind of parents would I be if I didn't exploit my children via the web?

Meet Cooper, our 3 year old Black Lab (mix):

Cooper enjoys sleeping at the foot of the bed, chasing his feline "siblings" around the house, going for long runs on grandma & grandpa's 60 acres, swimming for hours in the ponds, biting his sister's tail and being a daddy's boy.

Next up, meet Harley, our 1 year old Lab/Basset Hound mix --

Harley enjoys sleeping under the covers on mom's side of the bed, pulling all of the stuffing out of her stuffed animals, chasing her brother until he plays with her, wagging her hail so hard she looks like she's going to fall over, barking at the deer in the neighbors yard (have you ever heard a hound dog bark? It's not pretty) and being a complete momma's girl.

Looking back, I can appreciate the humor in Harley distroying a wedding magazine I hadn't even read yet. But at the time, it wasn't pretty.

Unlike most brothers and sisters, Harley and Cooper really do enjoy each others company:

Now, it's time to meet the kitties! Boo (the black one) and Peeka (the tan one) are both 6 years old and were rescued. Boo was rescued when he was no older than 6 weeks old from underneath a parked car in GVSU's main parking lot. I always wonder how he got there and how scared he must've been! Peeka was a recuse from a crazy cat lady who trapped them and tried to keep them all. Crazy....

Boo enjoys being lazy, sitting on the couch like a human would, running to the kitchen when he hears popcorn being popped, and curling up and cuddling with his parents.

Peeka enjoys hiding out in the guest bedroom, sitting in empty laundry baskets, and watching the birds outside. She hates her canine siblings. With a passion.

And there you have it -- our furbabies who we love dearly. if I don't have a crazy husband story to blog about, odds are I'll have a crazy furbaby story!

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